Sunday, July 8, 2018

Planning Ahead for the Camp Out and Reunion

Cameron sent pictures of the camp and reunion site.  Take a look so you know how to prepare your family.

Monday, May 28, 2018

2018 Family Reunion

**GRANDKIDS: Have you submitted your family photo?  Add it to the Google Drive**

Cousins Campout: July 20-22, 2018 |  CLICK HERE for more info

"We have the Nelson/Norris cousin camp out that will be at Box Elder Campground just east of Brigham City up the canyon.  It is a lot of area that will accommodate all of us.  You are welcome to camp, RV, or stay close nearby at a hotel, or whatever." -- Cameron (Camp Coordinator)
 Family Reunion, July 21, 2018 | CLICK HERE for more info

"We will have a birthday party for Grandpa with all the Nelson/Norris clan on Saturday, the 21st.  To be coordinated with and through Aunt Jackie." -- Cameron

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Open House for Jack's Farewell Address

Many of you probably already got the Facebook invite, but here's the information for Jack's Farewell Address in all it's glory.  Be sure to note that included in this post is an invitation to join us at the Casdorph's house afterward.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Family Reunion Agenda

Nelson / Norris Family Reunion 2012
July 4th – July 7th

Can you believe it has been 2 years since the last time we all got together for the Nelson / Norris Reunion?  I bet it would be difficult for any of us to account for all the baby births, baptisms, graduations, marriages, and family dispersed around the globe.

The Reunion this year will be at Shawnee Recreational Camp located in Liberty, Utah which is just north of Huntsville, UT. Powder Mountain and Wolf Creek are also nearby.  This camp is very similar to the Campground that Grandpa has gotten for us in Idaho in years past.  It has a large lodge, some 12 person cabins, many tent sites, a Bathroom house, a Shower House, Trailer Hook-ups, softball field, basketball court, and volleyball.  There are also two large refrigerators where you can store food.

Like any camp there are some duties that will be assigned out and a lite itinerary.

Wed, July 4th                    Dinner             On your own

Thurs, July 5th              Breakfast         On your own
                                    Lunch              Robert Nelson & Family
                                    Dinner             Enid Lewis & Family

Fri, July 6th                  Breakfast         On your own
                                    Lunch              Jackie Casdorph & Family
                                    Dinner             Dawna Price & Family

Sat, July 7th                 Breakfast         On Your Own
                                    Lunch              TBD / Potentially on your own

While there are many activities to do around camp, we do have some larger group activities planned throughout the camp.

Wed, July 4th               10 am to Evening        Arrive at camp
                                    Evening                       Free Concert and Fire Works in Huntsville

Thurs, July 5th              Evening                       Movie at camp

Fri, July 6th                  Evening                       Camp fire

Sat, July 7th                 Late Afternoon           Clean up and depart by 6:00pm

Direct any questions to Justin Romph, Cameron Lewis, or Kyle Nelson.
Some possibilities for activities (If interested in surfing, indoor skydiving, bowling, Dinosaur or Toads fun park, let Cameron know by the June 23rdto make group reservations)

Indoor surfing at the Flowrider in downtown Ogden
Indoor skydiving at I-fly in downtown Ogden
Bowling at fat Cats
Hiking various trails
Campfire stories
Water balloon volleyball
Dinosaur park in Ogden
Toads fun park
Rock climbing at irock.
Games for kids
Art contest
Board games
Mountain Biking
July 4th Huntsville Freedom Celebration (Concert, Hypnotist, Fireworks and best of all Free Admission)    

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Kylie Nelson

Kylie will be 8 on May 16th.  She is getting Baptized on the 19th and is so excited to take this big step in her life.  She loves reading, writing and illustrating books and playing sports.  She is currently playing Soccer and Softball.  She scored 3 goals in her first soccer game and she has started pitching in her softball games.  She loves her family and is a great example to her little brothers.  If you see this and want to make the trip out here we'd love to have you join us for her baptism on the 19th.  :)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cameron Lewis

Cameron works at the Forest Service as an architect. He enjoys coaching Ogden High School girls volleyball team. He is super cool. He has three children, who love to wrestle with him. He taught Porter how to throw a football and Morgan to have confidence with her bike.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Joel has graduated from the school he has been attending for the last 7 months. Joel, Amy and the girls will be coming home for a few weeks and would like to see as much family as possible, but unfortunately they don't have the time to stop at everyone's home. So we've planned on Dec. 16th they will be in Logan at the Lundstrom Student Center, anyone that would like to see him and his family before they move on to New York is welcome to come.  Click on the link below for a map of where this building is at on campus.  The building is called The Lundstrom Student Living Center  off of 1000N.  Thanks and we hope to see you there.  :)